The Ultimate Guide to A Beautiful Penang Homestay

Penang is soon becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations in Malaysia for people within the country as well as from abroad. With the countless visitors visiting the island every single day, Penang offers you the best tropical experience filled with beautiful blends of art, heritage and a vibrant and rich culture. This beautiful island is home to a multi-racial community, comprising of an impressive and diverse mix of people from China, India and of course Malaysia. With this beautiful blend of cultures, the island offers some of the best in art, culture, and food and adventure, all while embodying a sense of modern aesthetics mixed with traditional roots.

When it comes to staying on the beautiful island, renting a traditional Penang Homestay is one of the best ways to experience the beauty the island has to offer. Penang is best experienced through the rich culture and heritage that could only be attained through a Penang Homestay. While renting a hotel room would be good, there ‘s nothing quite like having an entire home to yourself as you enjoy your beautiful holiday. Hotels might be classy and cute for one, but a Penang home has complete bliss coupled with beautiful heritage and love. Most of the homestays are run by locals who in addition to giving you an exquisite home, will also give you a taste of warm Malay living. What better way to experience Malaysia than living like one!

Penang Homestay

At the island, the locals treat their guest as a member of the family. While residing in a home in Penang, you are sure to be treated with better hospitality than any hotel would. The process of booking a homestay is pretty easy. A simple google search is enough to give you all the information you would need to enjoy a beautiful home in Penang. Sites like Homestay at Penang and are easy ways to book yourself a beautiful and exotic vacation home. Websites like these are incredibly easy to use and user-friendly. You can begin your search by entering ‘Penang’ into the destination text box.

Next, you will have to enter the details of the date when you are going to be staying at home. Note that this means the day you are arriving in Penang. If you are someone who has to take an overnight flight to the place, remember that this box needs only the date of your arrival into Penang. Next, enter the check out date in a similar way.

Now, all you need to do is mention what kind of room or home you want and how many people are going to be staying with you, and voila, you are almost done on your search for finding your dream Penang Homestay!

Homestays offer a diverse range of rooms and homes to any group size – be it a single adventurer on a quest to find himself, or a family of eight going on their dream vacation. Remember that while selecting a homestay, be sure to check the number of rooms as per what your requirement is. Homestays are relatively a lot cheaper than booking a hotel room. Plus, if you are someone who is planning on staying at the island for an extremely long vacation, a homestay will be far more economical, and probably cheaper than renting out a home in your city.

At the end of the day, there is no place like home. A home symbolizes love, comfort, and safety and that’s exactly what a Penang Homestay will give you. While on vacation, living in a Penang Homestay will be something you will never forget.